- How to Send in a Deposit -

First, you have to send in the application.  Please, don't send in a random deposit without having sent in an application and establishing that we are willing to take your deposit.  

There are several ways to send in a deposit.  You can either mail it in or send it via Paypal.  Unfortunately, we are busy with work and kids (our rabbitry is just a family hobby), so making appointments to take an in-person deposit is not feasible.  

If you mail in cash or a check, we can reserve the bunny as soon as we receive it (and it clears).  Unfortunately, we cannot hold or reserve a specific bunny for you while your deposit is in route, and it is possible that someone else might get a deposit in for the same bunny before you.  This is a risk because deposits are not refundable.  However, if you are sending in a deposit to establish your pick order for a pet, chances are there will still be many bunnies to choose from once your deposit arrives and/or clears.

The other option is to pay with Paypal.  It is immediate and secure.  However, we do ask that you send an additional $4 to cover Paypal fees per transaction.  

How Much To Send

The deposit needs to be 50% of the cost of the bunny/rabbit.  If you are putting down a deposit to secure your spot on the Pick List, please note that you will be able to choose from bunnies that fall within the price range that corresponds to the deposit you put down.  For example, if you put down a $30 deposit, on Pick Day, you will be able to choose from any bunny that is $60 or less.  If, at that point, you desire a more expensive bunny, you will have to add to your deposit and your position on the Pick List will move down to reflect the new date your deposit is complete.

FAQ:  Why can't you hold my bunny while my deposit check is clearing or while my deposit in on route via US Post?

Unfortunately, we've had too many people provide a "bad check," or change their mind when the deposit never arrived.  If you wish to submit a deposit via US post or with a check, you risk the chance that someone else will get a secure deposit (e.g., Paypal) in before you.   The best thing to do is ascertain that a bunny is "available," and then immediately submit a deposit via Paypal.  

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