Full Netherland Dwarf babies.  These are two chocolate Tans, although one appears lighter than the other, but not light enough to be a lilac.  Adorable coloring on both.   The larger of the two is being fostered by Pow, who only had one kit which is likely why it is larger....  larger litters stay smaller until the kits start eating on their own... then, they catch up in size to kits in smaller litters that get more of mama's milk.  


Dam:  Sherwoods' Unice

Sire:   Sherwoods' Unix


Prices:  Chestnut - $55; Chocolate Tan - $115; Reds - TBD


DOB:  6/24/20

Ready:  8/19/20


Ready Date.  This does not mean we are open or available on this day for a bunny pickup.  This is just the earliest date a bunny can go to its new home.


Individual bunny prices can differ within a litter and will be deterimed at 6 weeks based on show lines, color and quality.  Price range is an estimate.

Unice's Tans

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