- Rabbits for Adoption -

This page is dedicated to Rabbits seeking adoptive homes.  These rabbits include those who may have been part of our breeding program or who we may be fostering while a home is being sought.  Please, consider adopting one of these rabbits. Our rabbit adoption fees are modest, ranging from $25 to $45.  We do not believe in profiting from re-homing pets, so our fees cover just the basics.


Sherborn Wood's Rabbitry believes in No-Kill culling of healthy rabbits that are no longer utilized for breeding. That means that all of our rabbits are either sold or adopted out.  We take very good care of our rabbits and work hard to make certain that our rabbits are adopted by responsible and caring families who are mindful of their pets' needs.  Unfortunately, we sometimes get calls from adoptive families who can no longer care for their rabbits.  We encourage these families to bring the rabbits back, so we can ensure they go to another loving family.   We also take rabbits that did not originate from our rabbitry, so that they, too, can have a chance to find a home. 

While we know there are many unwanted pets and we praise a family's decision to seek out pets in shelters, we do believe that responsible breeding is important to maintain the existence of our many beloved domesticated pets.  As hobbyist breeders, we maintain a very small rabbitry, ensuring special attention and love can be given to all our rabbits.  

The following bunnies/rabbits have been adopted.