During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sherborn Woods Rabbitry

will remain open, but pre-sales visitors are not permitted at this time. 
For families adopting a new bunny or rabbit,

please contact us regarding our new safety procedures for pick-up.

- Current Bunnies -

We have had an unprecedented number of applications and deposits since mid March.
Between managing work (not the bunnies) and kids at home, we will be processing the applications as new litters become available.  Thank you for your patience.

You are welcome to submit an application on our Contact and Form page.

We are taking applications now.
Please view the Contact and Forms page for the link (pink button) to the application.
Please, read FAQs and the "How it all works" button below to learn more."

Click on pictures for more information.
Sharpie number marks are NOT permanent.