Dingy and Ken Adams' kits have the most amazing markings.  From Ken, a Blue-Eyed White Netherland Dwarf, they got the white Vienna marks, and from Dingy, an orange Vienna and Harlequin marked Dwarf Jersey Wooly, they got the Blue ears and markings.   Both Dingy and Ken Adams are very small, about 2 lbs.  One twin has short hair, and the other if fluffy, fluffy, fluffy!  They appear to be blue torts, having a blue tint to their fawn/orange fur.


Dam:  Sherwoods' Dingy

Sire:   Sherwoods' Ken Adams


Prices:  $125 each


DOB:  6/24/20

Ready:  8/19/20


Ready Date.  This does not mean we are open or available on this day for a bunny pickup.  This is just the earliest date a bunny can go to its new home.


Individual bunny prices can differ within a litter and will be deterimed at 6 weeks based on show lines, color and quality.  Price range is an estimate.

Dingy's Bobbsey Twins

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