These adorable Blue-Eyed white Netherland Dwarfs are mother and daughter.  We adopted Margie and her first baby was Maxi, who has a deformity.  We believe it is called Max Factor.  Typically baby bunnies with this genetic disorder do not thrive, but we fed her through the tough stages with a dropper and got her strong enough to thrive.  Now, she is very healthy, but blind and deformed.  Part of the genetic disorder also leaves her fur in a forever-bunny state... soft and fluffy, which is actually quite nice.  The other affect of the genetic disorder is that her hind legs look like they were put on backwards, so they criss-cross.  This does not affect Maxi's mobility as she is quite mobile, and she doesn't know life with sight and straight hind legs.  


Margie is very healthy and does not have Max Factor, but obviously she carries the gene for it.  Margie has not given birth since Maxi, and we do not want her to reproduce because of the Max Factor factor.  Maxi's dad also came from the same breeder, so we adopted him out immediately as a pet rabbit.  We don't think it is responsible to breed any rabbit, no matter how healthy, if they carry Max Factor as Margie does.  We could not let Maxi die, and she does not need that much care.  The only thing we do for her is that every few days, we put her in a bin with a moist towel to sit on.. this helps her keep her bum area clean.  Other than that, she is totally fine and gets around very well.  She can hop in and out of her litter box, etc.  Given her backwards legs, she's actually pretty clean.  


The pair is just $25 to a good home that promises not to split them up.  Margie loves Maxi and they groom each other.  They are the perfect pets for someone who wants to care for them.  Also, Maxi is very cute and has really cool eye markings... like little gray eyelash marks around her eyes.  


Adoption Fee:  $25 to a loving home

We will NOT split Margie and Maxi up, so please don't ask.

Margie and Maxi