We have just a few reds in this litter. Reds mammas are Glenda, Janice, and Nona.  We are not putting up individual bunny photos yet.  This is just to give you an idea of the colors we have now.  Pictured are one of Janice's and one of Nona's... Nona's is the one sticking out its tongue!


Price estimates – subject to change:

$65 to $165 – Chestnut, Black and White

$165 - $250 – Orange, Tan

$185 - $300 – Red, Blue, Opal, Chocolate


Note:  The Ready Date does not mean we are open or available on this day for a bunny pickup.  This is just the earliest date a bunny can go to its new home.


Individual bunny prices can differ within a litter and will be deterimed at 6 weeks based on show lines, color and quality.  Price range is an estimate.


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