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- The STEPS made easy -

Our “Pick List” process for large litters is confusing.
Hopefully, this page will clarify the confusing points.

For more details, please read the FAQs and Policies form.

  1. As hobbyist breeders, we want to find good homes for any bunny we do not keep.

  2. We won’t know which bunnies we want to keep until certain characteristics emerge, usually at around 6 to 7 weeks of age.

  3. If we wait until that time to post the bunnies we do not keep, there isn’t enough time to find all of them good homes before they become too old to find homes.


  4. We post pictures of the litters as early as possible (first week or two after birth), letting folks know that we do not yet know which bunnies we plan to keep... Sometimes, we know right away (e.g., a color we didn’t expect, etc.).

  5. In the meantime, folks who are ok waiting until that 6th or 7th week to choose their bunny are welcome to submit an application, and subsequently a deposit.  If the number of applications we have exceeds the number of bunnies, many new applications will not be reviewed. 

  6. Once we choose the few (usually only 1 to 3 bunnies) that we plan to keep, we go to the first person on the Pick List (the person with the earliest submitted deposit) and they get to choose.  By that time, there will be individual photos of the bunnies.  Then, we work our way down the list, by order of deposit. 

    Once the bunnies are released (the ones we do not keep), persons on the Pick List will have 24 hours to choose their bunnies.  Folks who choose to wait until the bunnies can be viewed in-person (8 weeks old and pre-pandemic) will loose their turn on the list as we cannot hold up the rest of the folks waiting.  If you must see the bunnies in-person before choosing, our system will not work for you as we want to have the bunny assignments complete so families can come and pick up their bunnies as soon as they turn 8 weeks old.


The more complicated stuff

The bunny prices range depending on color, quality, availability, etc.  So, folks are encouraged to put down a 50% deposit that matches the price they want.  This means that when the day comes to choose your bunny, you will have a choice of any bunny left that costs up to 2 times your deposit.  So, if you put down a $60 deposit, you can choose from any available bunny that costs $120 or less.  


Application Steps

  1. Submit an application (on our Contact and Forms page).  Please note, the contact form is NOT the application.  You have to click on one of the PINK buttons that says APPLICATION TO ADOPT.

  2. Wait to hear back.  Since March 2020 (start of the pandemic), the number of applications we have received has more than quadrupled.  This means you may have to wait a long time before we get to your application. 

  3. Once your application is approved, you'll be invited to submit a deposit.  Once invited to submit a deposit, get your deposit in right away, as order of choice-priority will correspond to the date and time of your deposit. 

    You may want to first ascertain your chances of getting the bunny or type of bunny you want by emailing us.  If you wait too long after hearing back, don't be surprised if someone ahead of you gets the bunny you want.  
    Too often, someone will ascertain that a certain type of bunny (e.g., orange bunnies) has a definite chance to be available at the time of inquiry.  Then, the person waits several hours, a day or two to put down the deposit, and then freaks out that they are not as high up on the list as they thought. 

  4. For large numbers of litters, we may send out a Sign-up Genius on Pick Day for folks to confirm which bunnies they want.  Be on the LOOK-OUT for emails from Sign-up Genius.

  5. The week before the bunnies turn 8 weeks, we will send out another Sign-up Genius for your to sign up for a day to pick up your bunny.  If you don’t hear from us before then, don’t worry.. You will.  

  6. A day before you pick-up, we will get the address to you.  If you don’t have it that morning, just email... this is the one step we sometimes forget to do ;-)

  7. That’s it.

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